Kitchen renovations in Suffolk
Kitchen renovations in Chesapeake
Kitchen renovations in Franklin
Kitchen renovations in Portsmouth
Kitchen renovations in Tidewater
Kitchen renovations in Norfolk
Kitchen renovations in Hampton
Kitchen renovations in Smithfield
Kitchen renovations in Virginia
Kitchen renovations in Suffolk
Kitchen remodel in Suffolk
Kitchen remodel in Chesapeake
Kitchen remodel in Franklin
Kitchen remodel in Portsmouth
Kitchen remodel in Tidewater
Kitchen remodel in Norfolk
Kitchen remodel in Hampton
Kitchen remodel in Smithfield
Kitchen remodel in Virginia
Kitchen remodel in Suffolk

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Kitchen Remodeling
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We have been building and installing custom kitchens at Creative Custom Homes for over ten years now.  We have been renovating homes for over six years now.
So we thought, why not combine those experiences and offer to renovate and update kitchens for our clients.  It was a perfect evolution for us and our people to decide to move into the kitchen renovation business.
Yes, most "big box" store offer a kitchen department where you can sit and see samples of what they offer.
But, what if you want to move the sink or refrigerator?  What if you'd like to move or remove a wall?  This is when a big box store simply can not deliver the kind of service you need!  Their subcontractors are cabinet installers, not plumbers, not electricians and most importantly not structural carpenters or structural designers.
When you are considering a major kitchen renovation you need a general contractor, not just a cabinet installer.  We have the ability and the experience to design and install a completely new kitchen for you in the home you have loved and have lived in and raised your family in.
Consider our know how and our ability when you decide to transform your old, tired and worn out kitchen into the new and updated kitchen of your dreams.  Please view the sample photos below.
Kitchen with Stainless Steel appliances
Gourmet kitchen in Bennett's Creek Landing
Granite, Stainless and Hardwood kitchen combination
Country home in Southampton County
Custom kitchen
Kitchen remodel in Portsmouth
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