At Creative Custom Homes we believe that the needs and dreams of all of us for our perfect home are as different as our fingerprints are.  No one design fits all.  No one design satisfies everyone.  Consequently, rather than build scores of repeated designs we prefer to evolve a concept with our clients and then design to suit their needs and dreams.
Our Design Service
Now, how can we help you in designing and building your dream home?
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Once you have selected your lot we will work with you to develop a concept that best utilizes the land to make your new home yours.... and only yours.  We will consider all aspects of your lot from topography to sun orientation to be sure that the finished product will serve your needs. Or, we will work with you to assist in selecting that perfect lot that will complement your vision of your new home. Then we turn to our design partner, Neil Wilson, to further develop that concept. Using everything from personal interviews to the latest software tools, Neil will transform the concept into a set of working drawings for your review and approval.  
Neil Wilson: 
Plan developer / designer.
Neil received his BS in mechanical engineering from Old Dominion University in 1984, has worked as a nuclear engineer for 26 years and has been designing custom homes for over a decade.  Neil maintains abreast of the latest construction technology and home design advances through continuing education, participation in annual "HOMERAMA" showcases, and performing regular on-site construction project inspections.  Neil's passion is working as a team with the homeowner and CCH builder, John Evans, to guide and create a blueprint of the custom
home conceived of by the homeowner.
John Evans: 
Builder / Owner.
John has been a licensed A class contractor in Virginia since 1984.  He has over 30 years of experience in industrial and residential project management. Having personally designed over 50 homes along the way, John has built everything from duplexes to 12,000 square foot mansions as well as commercial offices and multi-unit apartment buildings.  John has hands on input in not only designing your home but also executing those plans.  Daily site visits ensure that the original concept of the home is executed with the attention to detail that the designers and home owners have envisioned.
 Together, Neil and John work to combine your unique needs and dreams into a plan that will become your dream home.
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Once your plans are developed view them by floor plan drawing, by 3D view or by 3D "doll house" view. This helps you to be sure exactly what your house will look like when complete.